Pre-Built Tiny House Shells- Welcoming You to an Era of Downsizing Living

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The popularity of tiny houses is growing by leaps and bounds. For individuals looking forward to simplifying their lifestyle or downsizing their living space, a tiny house benefits a lot. When you buy tiny house shell, you create your own personalized living space tailored to meet your preferences and needs.

Tiny House Shell Explained

A tiny house shell is primarily a pre-built structure that serves as the base of a tiny home. Such prefabricated structures generally have windows, walls, roofing, and other necessary fittings. A tiny house shell has a finished exterior, making assembling much easier. However, a tiny house shell for sale gives you the freedom to personalize interiors effectively. As a result, it gives you plenty of customization options.

Furthermore, contemporary tiny house shells have pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. You can hire a contractor or follow DIY steps to assemble the tiny house shell.

Benefits of Investing in Tiny House Shell

Tiny house shells are practically-designed structures that resonate with functionality and affordability. The cost-saving associated with investing in a pre-built structure is significant compared to purchasing individual components separately. Furthermore, the customization approach provides greater flexibility and cost-efficiency. Credible tiny house shells are built with green technology, ensuring less carbon footprint and a sustainable living environment. 

BOSS- Pioneer in Manufacturing State-of-the-Art Tiny House Shells

BOSS is the leader in manufacturing fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and affordable tiny house shells in California. We provide you with tiny house shells that promise long-lasting quality and the highest safety standards every time. All BOSS tiny homes have a 3-year manufacturer warranty and meet all International and California Building Codes. Whether it is an investment opportunity, extending space, or going off-grid, BOSS tiny homes cater to your needs.

BOSS Panels Manufactured with 35% Recycled Plastics

BOSS panels are designed with the LGS framing known for zero waste making. Besides, LGS is known to be superior in strength, lighter, and durable. It is termite and moisture-resistant, too. BOSS steel panels utilize 35% recycled plastics, producing better fire resistance and a low carbon footprint.

Seamless Installation

You can hire BOSS certified installers that help you assemble the tiny house shell in a matter of days. However, you must call a plumber and electrician to complete the final hookups.

Obtain BOSS Permit Package

BOSS offers a permit package for those who require permitting. Our BOSS permit package features a custom site and foundation plan, engineer-stamped structural drawings, FM approval, and Title 24 Energy Certification. After obtaining the permit package, submit the package to the Department of Safety and Building. Depending on your city, you will receive your permit approval within four to six weeks.

Get Easy Financing with the BOSS CustomFin Program

BOSS has teamed up with the CustomFin program, which offers hundreds of financing options to customers. Besides, this program provides the best rates and plans for the tiny house shell. We offer rates as low as 3.99%.


Visit BOSS today and buy pre built tiny house shells for your backyard space, studios, or ADUs. Our professionals guide you on getting the right tiny house shell for you. Get a free sample.